Why Me

why me

This photo represents the most obvious me.  I often look serious, I like to dress for success, and I love a good mug of tea.

What you don’t see is the intrinsic me and what makes me different.

I recently participated in a self-employment session where the presenter left me with some thought-provoking questions. He asked, “What makes you special?” and “What is ‘your only’  statement?” This followed with, “Be different or be dead.”

This was my moment of truth.

Why should companies choose my leadership training services over others?

My position statement is Connecting People with Productivity. Yeah, it’s catchy and it promotes the outcome of my work but it doesn’t say anything about me. I need to encapsulate what I know and believe about my training and… the why me.

When I asked a business colleague, she came up with some quick flattering responses. “The thoughts that occur to me that relate to you are ‘down-to-earth’, ‘practical’, ‘Maritime wisdom’.  Thanks, Mary Jane Copps, I’m humbled by your insightful analysis of me. But this isn’t enough.

To clarify my values – why I am so passionate about what I teach and why you should work with me – I took a closer look at my real-life relatable experiences.

Throughout my 30 years in various leadership positions, I’ve learned a lot, experienced a lot and, yes, made a lot of mistakes. This is my Trust Statement but it doesn’t fully express my value to you and your teams.

Another suggestion was for me to determine my unique value by defining my brand in one word. I can do that: Empowering.

This leads to another self-reflection. It’s not the business itself that makes a company unique; it’s the people, their approach, and the intangible elements, according to Forbes Agency Council.

My uniqueness is my truthfulness.

Having the degrees are valuable but my personal journey equips me with the soft skills needed to help others succeed.

I can honestly say with every learning program in my portfolio, I can provide my own organic experience. I’ve not only ‘been down that road’ but I’ve also walked up the business mountain in flip-flops.

This has required constantly nourishing my motivation, patience and strength to build my career and my business. And this is my “why me”. It is what I share and teach individuals and teams who want to expand their leadership skills.

What do you think? When can we have a conversation so I can tell you more? Use this link to book a free discovery call.