What’s Your Job Description?

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Crafting a job description for a leadership role is not an easy task. There are so many responsibilities that are not often seen in the job description, like ‘must have patience’, ‘must be empathic’, ‘must empower your team’, ‘must be agile’, to name a few in a lengthy list. These characteristics, soft skills, are important for effective leadership.

Your responsibilities are your job duties and tasks. However, your role requires foresight to understand what’s required to effectively execute those duties and tasks. It defines one’s relationship with others in the larger scheme of things.

For example, it’s a leader’s role to (a) initiate, (b) invest a great effort, and (c) ensure the team accomplishes the company’s goals and visions. Filling the role requires a process of social influence and human resources to achieve successful outcomes. The operative word is “human”.

The genius of leadership is its humanness. If we don’t know or recognize how to ‘lead from within ourselves’, we may be considered a good leader, but will we be considered to be a great leader?