What’s Mine is Yours

happy at work-1 (1)

“Find a job you love.”

This age-old advice has been longstanding from inspirational names like Confucius, Marc Anthony, Warren Buffett, Steve Jobs, and many more. Crafted differently, they all echo the same message: “If you love what you do then it’s not work.”

I can say without hesitation, “I love my job.” I keep telling my friends that when I get up in the mornings, I look forward to going to my happy place, with my cup of tea in hand. So much so that I often have to remind myself of maintaining a healthy work-life balance.

My passion is to help improve workplace culture and performance. I’ve worked hard to ensure I am professionally equipped to do this. Yes, I have the academic skill set. Yes, I have many life/work experiences to share. But above all, I have a compelling desire to give back.

Thus, I’m excited to give you my first e-book! It helps Gens XYZ understand the Baby Boomers they work with. Get it here.

When you find your passion, you will naturally want to show how much you care about what you love by giving. I hope my gift to you will help play a role in providing a healthier, wealthier, meaningful workplace.