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Everything DiSC® Workplace on Catalyst™

Spark meaningful culture change by empowering people to engage, connect and thrive.


The Everything DiSC® Workplace on Catalyst™ program helps build better relationships one relationship at a time. The Workplace program is the recommended base DiSC experience as the profile can be used with everyone in an organization, regardless of title or role, to improve the quality of the workplace and introduce the language of DiSC. Participants learn to understand and appreciate the styles of the people they work with. The result is more effective and productive working relationships.

Program Materials

This session includes a personalized Everything DiSC® Workplace on Catalyst™ Profile and training materials for each participant.

Participants complete their assessment through the Catalyst platform – an online portal for a learner’s DiSC journey. Participants can view their DiSC Workplace Profile, view their team, and compare with colleagues in real-time.

If required, a demo of the Catalyst platform may be provided to participants.

DiSC® Module Overview

Focus on You

Learn about the DiSC model

Identify your workplace priorities

Learn motivators & stressors of the DiSC styles

Strategies to be more effective

Focus on Others

Discover your reactions to priorities of other styles

Consider how you relate to other styles

Your similarities & differences with colleagues

How to identify others’ DiSC styles

Focus on Relationships

Learn how to be more effective with each DiSC style

Solve problems by bridging the difference with each style

How to manage tension with each DiSC style

Practice using DiSC to build relationships one interaction at a time


Why do organizations use this program?

Organizations use the Everything DiSC® Workplace on Catalyst™ Program to help employees understand the DiSC® model of human behaviour – “why people do what they do”. Each of us has developed a distinct way of thinking, feeling and acting – this becomes our behavioural style. The Everything DiSC® Workplace on Catalyst™ Program is a half or full-day session that demonstrates to each participant their own personalized DiSC® style and also teaches them how to recognize the behaviour style of others.