Thoughtful Perks That Won’t Break the Bank

business team enjoying pizza together

Never underestimate the power of appreciation.

The undeniable secret to the success of all good businesses is the relationship between their supervisors and employees.

Sometimes significant raises and big bonuses simply aren’t an option. Even successful businesses can’t always reward exceptional performance with monetary gifts. But that doesn’t mean gratitude can’t be shown to stand-out staff in other ways. Here are some proven and popular methods of showing your staff you appreciate what they’ve done, none of which will make a mark on your payroll. In fact, most of them will end up benefitting your business in the long run.

Team Activities

If an entire group of employees has gone above and beyond on a project or big sale, consider rewarding them as a group. Get tickets for everyone to see a local event, take them for an afternoon of relaxation at a spa, or surprise them with a lunch or dinner. Or you could try something a little more unusual that might help them knit together into an even tighter team, like an escape room activity or an afternoon of bowling. Much like families, workers who play together tend to stay together.


Whether it’s a membership at a local gym to help them stay healthy or tuition for a course, most people appreciate the opportunity to better themselves without having to pay for it. A creative option is buying them an annual pass for the swimming pool. Also consider seminars, online services, or skill training.

Gift Certificates and eVouchers

Sometimes the next best thing to a cash reward is a gift certificate or voucher. As an AIR MILES® Collector, you can use Cash Miles toward eVouchers from some of the most popular Canadian brands, and this will not cost you a cent.

Wrap Up the Week

If you’re pleased not just with a few employees but your entire staff, you may want to earmark the final hour on Friday afternoons as official wind-down time. Bring in non-alcoholic drinks and snacks, and let your people filter in and out of their work environment as they work through the end of the week.

The Gift of Time

Our most precious resource is time and making a gift of it to your hardest-working employees might just be the most valuable reward you could give them. Give them an extra-long weekend. Let them sleep in a little and arrive to work a bit later than usual. Even just allowing them to have some “me time” to recharge their batteries will leave them happier in the office and driven to keep performing.

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