Still Standing

Fiona pic

It’s been over two weeks since the southwest coast of Newfoundland was shattered by Hurricane Fiona, destroying our shores and breaking our hearts. Houses were washed out to sea and with it, our sense of safety was swept away.

Port aux Basques is my home and has been for over 50 years. My husband earns his living from the sea. We are a 20-minute walk from the barriers surrounding the devastation of Fiona.

Our landscape has changed forever. We have been shaken by this unprecedented power of the ocean; that it could cause wreckage beyond our imagination.

Those of us who were spared being displaced and homeless, feel blessed and grateful, but at the same time are filled with emotions of hurt and helplessness for our fellow residents.

In the days since Fiona, we have experienced an incredible outpouring of love and support from all over the world. It’s so heartwarming to see the human spirit prevail during these very difficult times.

When we have extreme struggles that seem impossible to face, the power of community can restore hope. 

I am part of this community… and it is part of me. In the coming weeks – and perhaps months – much of my time will be devoted to supporting my community to recover from this tragedy. I have taken on a formal volunteer role as Donations Coordinator, so do contact me with any questions about donations.

Avail HR Training Solutions remains active as well, in a more limited way. Much of my current focus will inform my skills and training going forward. My weekly newsletter will continue.

I know that Fiona’s power has created more than physical damage. Houses and roads can be rebuilt, and physical wounds will heal, but the emotional scars from such a disaster are harder to fix.

And this provides all of us with one of life’s difficult opportunities for learning.

Fiona’s presence in our communities is a clear indication that we are, like the rest of the world, experiencing climate change. Just like we continue to experience our community pulling together during this tragedy, the climate clock is telling all of us to use this momentum on a ‘world’ stage. We have to prepare for the future as one; to see the big picture.

No matter where you live, let Fiona be your teacher. Let’s all continue to do our part to help slow the effects of global warming.

And if the synergy experienced here in Port aux Basques is any indication, know that there is much hope for our combined success.