Something to Think About

golden rule

Have you ever heard of the Golden Rule? “Do unto others as you would have them do unto you” or “Treat others the way you want to be treated.”

It stands as one of the most straightforward and practical principles for fostering abundance. Simply put, if you want to guarantee fair, respectful and kind treatment for yourself—all you need to do is embody these qualities in your actions.

It’s like a boomerang. Treat others well, and that goodness often returns to enrich your own life.

The reason we are tempted to put others down, correct them, or show them how we’re right and they’re wrong, is that our ego mistakenly believes that if we point out how someone else is wrong, we might be right, and therefore we will feel better. In actuality, however, if you pay attention, you’ll notice that you feel worse than before the put-down.

Ironically, the less you care about seeking approval, the more approval you seem to get. People are drawn to quiet, inner confidence, people who don’t need to make themselves look good, be “right” all the time, or steal the glory.

Similarly, when it comes to good leadership, the less a leader seeks constant approval, the more respect and support they receive. Effective leaders exude quiet, inner confidence. They don’t constantly vie to appear faultless or steal the spotlight. Instead, they inspire and draw people in through their genuine actions and their ability to lead from the heart, not their ego.

Just as people appreciate individuals who don’t need to brag, effective leaders gain the trust and loyalty of their teams by leading with authenticity and humility.

Everything DiSC® is a tool for improving leadership skills and team dynamics by understanding and adapting to different communication styles, while the Golden Rule is a universal moral principle promoting empathy and ethical behavior.

Both are valuable in different contexts for interpersonal interactions.

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