Reflections and Resolutions

What a shot

Although I hesitate to use the hackneyed expression “Times have changed,” it ‌does fit with this picture I captured recently just minutes from my home.  Take note of the date.

I can still clearly recall the frigid winters and mountains of snow that you thought would never melt come spring. Seeing people playing a game on a beach (in shorts) in winter was unimaginable.

It’s a bittersweet reality. On one hand, it puts a smile on your face to savour this tropical bliss but, on the contrary, this welcoming weather is also introducing us to tropical storms. As we’ve painfully experienced, we are not exempt from climate change.

Our community has gone through one of the worst hardships in our history. If there was ever a time to turn our focus to building a resilient and sustainable community, it’s now.


As we reflect on the past year and start fulfilling our new year’s resolutions, it’s important to include changing habits that contribute to climate change. We all need to take stock and think about how we might do things differently moving forward.

Our relationship with the environment has scared us with really tough lessons. Hurricane Fiona taught us that climate change is growing ever more acute.

In our quest to find normalcy, we can easily fall prey to getting lost in old habits that are bad for the environment. Just like we have pulled together as a community during this tragedy, the climate clock is telling all of us to use this momentum on the ‘world stage’. We have to prepare for the future as one; to see the big picture.


Indeed, if it’s true that you can learn more from adversity than prosperity, we should all qualify as “Jeopardy” finalists after what we’ve been through.

Let’s all continue to do our part to help slow the effects of global warming. A simple Google search provides a lot of suggestions we can all consider doing. 

Simple Things You Can Do to Help Protect the Earth:

  1. Recycle more
  2. Volunteer for community cleanups
  3. Conserve water
  4. Use long-lasting bulbs
  5. Car-pool with friends
  6. Drive less. Bike more
  7. Adjust your thermostat
  8. Avoid products with a lot of packaging
  9. Turn off electronic devices
  10. And encourage others to do the same

Commencement 2023

Commencement season each year gives me a feeling of fulfillment because I see it as a time that represents a continuing renewal of learning and growth.

I hope we will see the continuing renewal of the strength of our community. Remember, the word commencement means “beginning.” It’s like starting over, waking up to a new day, and putting all our old problems behind us. It’s this defining moment that marks our passage to the next phase in our lives.

My wish is to usher in the new year with happiness, hope and peace.  And may we all be turning the sods of new roads leading to improved destinations.