Read Them Like a Book (Part 2)

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As we already established, knowing how to read people is an important leadership skill.

Reading is one of the most efficient ways to acquire knowledge. Being able to read your people (like a book) will not only create a healthy work environment, but it will also realize many business benefits, such as:

Employee Safety

Employee safety is a huge issue in businesses. Thanks to businesses making safety a priority and organizations like OSHA (Occupational Safety & Health Administration) the number of on-the-job accidents and deaths has been reduced significantly.

Conservation of Materials

It costs a lot of money to run a business. A huge expenditure is supplies and materials for employee use. Supplies are a necessary expense, but a lot of supplies are wasted, broken, or stolen by employees. Having a good business behaviour that values conserving those supplies could save you thousands of dollars.


Engagement is a state in which an employee is content, committed, and involved in their job. To have an engaged employee, they must meet three criteria: emotional attachment, understanding and motivation.

“Emotional attachment” refers to having an emotional connection to their place of employment, position, and the work they do. “Understanding” refers to understanding the company’s goals and values, and how they contribute to achieving those goals. The last criteria “motivation” relates to an employee’s willingness to invest effort in bettering their performance.

Improved Employee Performance

A happy worker makes a happy company. Having a corporate behaviour that promotes safety, recognition, and engagement (to name a few) creates happy employees. When an employee is content in their position, their productivity rises.

Now that we have an understanding of both behaviour (part 1) and the benefits (part 2) of developing corporate behaviour, in the next post I’ll give you a tool that will help you start the process.