Mini but Mighty

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I always enjoy providing training at Deer Lake Airport. This mini but mighty airport has grown so much in recent times, modernizing travel efficiencies, offering new routes, adding an affordable airline, and in my observation, employing a team who cares about customer service.

The ability to serve customers well starts with the culture we set within an organization. Despite all the pandemic roadblocks, this airport has rebounded, and operations have resumed better than ever. The story of “The Little Engine that Could,” a book many of us remember from childhood, is about achieving success when there’s willingness.

Deer Lake Airport is a great example of business success because of the team’s willingness to work hard and their commitment to reaching the top. We’ve seen inspirational posters of someone standing at the top of a mountain with their arms in the air looking jubilant. There is no selfie at the top of this organization, it’s a team shot of people pulling together to cope with challenging times.

A leader who inspires is one who understands the value of training and investing in their people. Studies show that organizations engaged in employee development see increased production, as evident at Deer Lake Airport, compared to organizations not committed to employee engagement.

The best leaders don’t just stumble upon such teams; they know how to build a dream team, even under challenging circumstances. And they do this not by focusing on one or two impact players but by carefully selecting team members with the right mindset; developing them as individuals and as a team; and nurturing a robust, healthy work culture.

The lights are back on at the airport, brighter than ever. There’s a surge of travellers at arrivals and departures, planes are moving, and productivity is increasing. Congratulations to an innovative leader for these newly trained team leads who are setting high standards for a great customer experience and future growth.