Avail Takes Another Leap & Re-focuses Direction


Amidst all the Covid-19 chaos, Avail has been busy pivoting, reinventing and learning new training material. Included in Avail’s new model is a partnership with The Wiley Brand, and working with a team of seasoned leaders to launch a comprehensive 2021 Canadian Leadership Program that connects all levels of managers.

“This has been a very busy exciting adventure,” said Avail owner Edwina Bateman. “I’m confident this was a good business decision that offers 21st century solutions for training and development needs.”

It’s been a marathon of meetings, research, self-training, studying and examination for Bateman. I’m close to the finish line, she says with bated breath.

Avail will be delivering learning strategies that are superior for organizational success. In partnership with subject matter experts, her company will be providing clients with a full package of solid leadership development solutions.

New additions to Avail’s portfolio include Agile EQ, Productive Conflict, 5 Behaviors of a Cohesive Team by Patrick Lencioni, Sales, and cutting-edge learning for multi-level leaders.

“I’m so excited about this! If training and development is on your list of business needs, stay tuned for upcoming valuable learning opportunities.”