Who is behind Avail hr?

Edwina Bateman has a comprehensive understanding of the key demands on operating a business. Throughout her working career, she committed to a high standard of Human Resources Management that contributed significantly to maximizing organizational productivity while playing a key role in ensuring the attainment of bottom-line objectives.

She is an accomplished professional with a Master of Business Administration (MBA) Degree, Human Resources Management. She obtained “Excellent” grading in Human Relations, Marketing Management and Organizational Behaviour-all of which are critical to Human Resource mandatory requirements in any successful business.

Her work and life experiences, “avail” her the instinctive ability to achieve overall operational efficiency by demonstrating proficient skills in problem-solving, communication delivery, strategic planning, leadership, and self-management.

Avail engages your business to adapt best Human Resource practices to maximize your most important asset - your people.

If you're not sure whether you need some help with your Human Resources Management, you may want to ask yourself these questions:

What can Avail Human Resource Services do for your company?

We can help your business with its Human Resource needs whether you're just starting up or well established. After a confidential consultation, Avail will provide you with the training and solutions required for a well-functioning and productive workforce. Our services include:

An Avail HR Audit: We'll look at what you're doing for your employees, everything from payroll to training and identify cost-saving measures, streamlined practices, and strategy alignments to give your HR platform a tune up.

Recruitment: We can provide a full recruiting package or just the parts you need assistance with (i.e. advertising, interviewing, reference checking)

Employee Handbooks:We'll develop guidelines to save you time and eliminate confusion either on a specific issue or by creating a more comprehensive one-stop "HR Handbook" tailored to your own organization.

Employee Performance: We can help with appraisals, employee retention plans, training and development, and assist you with the discipline process, layoffs and terminations.

Occupational Health and Safety:We'll fine tune your program development and Safe Return to Work case management systems.

HR Training: We can train your administrative staff to manage your company's HR function and help them succeed in their new role.

Training we offer

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Free Consultation

Whether your HR issues revolve around recruiting, compensating, motivating, retaining, or laying off employees, you’ll benefit from practical HR advice you can implement today and rely on tomorrow.

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